Monday, July 28, 2014

Laundry Soap

You are looking down into my container of DIY home laundry soap.  This is the powdered variety.  Mix together unscented soap (I used grated Fels-Naptha), Washing Soda, and Borax powder.  I separated the mix into individual containers which I then put a few drops of essential oil in.  I washed the laundry with the peppermint version today and -Wow- the whole laundry room smelled so good and fresh.  I love it!  You only need a small amount in the washer and it works out to washing your clothes for pennies a load.  

I highly recommend giving this one a try!


  1. I make mine out of washing soda, simple green, and an oxygen bleach (because i'm still washing cloth diapers and can't use the fels-naptha).

    I misplaced your dishwasher pellets but have found them again. Will give it a try tonight. (:

  2. Do you make powder or liquid? I've been pleased with the powder laundry detergent I make, but some folks have suggested I give the liquid version a try. Any thoughts or personal preference?


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