Friday, June 28, 2013

Various Thursday crafts

Toilet Paper roll binoculars:

Minion t-shirts:

Chain I beaded for my Origami Owl charms and locket that came in!

Wish bracelets/anklets I previously made.  With wish bracelets/anklets, you're supposed to make a wish when you tie them on.  Keep them on until the twine/string naturally breaks and all the beads fall off.  You can't pick at the beads or try to get them off sooner than they are ready.  At that point, your wish is released for fulfillment.
I made these some time ago, I don't remember exactly how big each is, but if you're interested in one or would like a clearer picture, feel free to comment.

White thicker chord with pink butterfly beads. 
Thin black with two small red beads. 
Thin pink with purplish beads. 
White/gold with silver rose shaped beads.
Thin black with blue beads. (CLAIMED)
Thin pink with white beads. Thicker beige with silver rose beads.
Black with red beads. (CLAIMED)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baby Quilts

These were by request and are ready to go to their new home.  I'll be dropping them off today.

Not sure why this one looks so wrinkled in the pictures.  Hmpf.