Monday, August 31, 2015

Dragon Egg Dice Bag

Cute and quick to make Dragon Egg Dice Bag.  You can find the free pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Victorian Masquerade Shawl- test pattern

This pretty shawl is another test pattern I completed.  The pattern is not yet available, but the designer's other patterns can be found here.

I used a D Hook (3.25 mm) and less than 1 skein of Woolike by Loops & Threads.  It is a fingerling yarn (Super Fine-1).  I used approximately 2.46 ounces of this 3.5 oz skein, which after doing the math using the information on the label, means I used approximately 476.5 yards.

The width of the shawl is approximately 63” and is just over 30” in length.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Testers Needed!

Any of you crochet people interested in testing a simple scarf pattern for me?  I'm working mine up as a light weight scarf using fine (or super fine) yarn but it can be worked up in any weight yarn using the appropriately sized hook.  Gauge is not important and you do not have to finish an entire scarf, though I would love it if you do.  I would like to see at least eight inches of the pattern worked, if possible.

I would need to know type and amount of yarn used (though an estimate is okay), hook size used, and if there are any errors or confusing parts in the pattern.  I also will need a picture of the scarf you finish.

Other things I am interested in- whether you think there needs to be a border, what the name for the scarf should be, and what experience level you think the scarf should be rated as.  I think it's all pretty basic and the only stitches are chains, sc, and double crochets.

This is my first real attempt at writing down and offering a pattern.

Hooded Cowl

Modeled by the lovely Emilee, here is a chunky, hooded cowl I made.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry by clicking here.  It works up quickly with Chunky Yarn (I used 2 skeins of WoolEase Thick & Quick from Lion Brand in the color Constellation) and a P size hook.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wikked Skulls Spare Tire Cover

I purchased this pattern off Ravelry and had been so excited to try it for my Jeep's spare tire.  Here is the finished product.  I love it!  It uses a H (5 mm) hook and ww yarn.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kaptan Kaos Flaming Skull Cadet Cap

This is another test pattern I completed by the designer at Spider Mambo Designs.  It uses small amounts of ww yarn (I used leftover scrap yarns) and an I (5.5 mm hook) for the extra large size that I made.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Double Spiral Blanket

This pattern intimidated me at first, but it is really well written and goes together much easier than I expected.  I love the outcome.  Though some of the blocks look a little misshapen, it is due to the drag of the board I have it on.  I had not yet blocked the blanket when the picture was taken.  The pattern was not yet available to the public when this post was written, but you can check out the designer's other patterns available.

I used Caron Simply Soft in four colors.

Brown- 9.92 oz. or about 521 yds.
Cream- 17.18 oz. or about 902 yds.
Orange- 6.48 oz. or about 340 yds.
Yellow- 10.89 oz. or about 571 yds.

It ended up measuring about 50"x60", point to point.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Flat Cat Lovey

I used .45 oz purple, .77 oz pink, .10 oz white, .18 oz yellow, and 1.93 oz black. All WW yarn.  I (5.5 mm) hook.  Test Pattern!  Pattern not available at the time of this post, but check out the designer's page.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Flaming Skulls Backpack

Test Pattern!  I especially love the flames behind the skulls.  

I made the small, one strand version of this pack. The lining makes the pack extra sturdy. I really like it.

The body is about 12.5”x12.5”. I made my strap about 40” in length. As the time this post was written, the pattern had not been published, but look for it on the designer's page soon.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Plus size skull jacket

Another test pattern!  I made the size 2x version.  I used an I (5.5mm) hook.  Of the MC, I used about 788 yards or 14.84 ounces.  For the CC, I used 400 yards or about 8.48 ounces.  Both are ww yarn.

The chest is 50" now that I added the border.  I added four extra rows to the length.

I made the tapered sleeves on this version.  For the sleeves, I added 13 rows before I started the decrease rows in the tapered pattern.  The 13 does not include the four rows made in the original hexagon.

As of the writing of this post, the pattern is not live.  You can check out some of the designer's other patterns here:

Monday, August 10, 2015

Test Pattern- Spring Thaw Skirt

This is a test pattern I completed.  As of the time of writing this post, the pattern is not yet available.  Until then, check out the designer's page here.
I used a sport weight (3) yarn and a size G hook (4.0 mm.) For the MC, I used 6.56 oz or about 663 yds. For the CC, I used 1.58 oz or about 140 yds. The amounts were calculated based upon the labels on the skeins.
The skirt is about 27.5” in length.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Skull Hexagon Hoodie- Size Small

I tested a pattern for this adult sized hoodie.

The pattern has not yet been published as of the time this post was written, but the designer's other projects can be found here:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

Free pattern can be found here.  This scarf was quick and easy to make. The K hook (6.5 mm)  is used to make the scarf itself while the I hook (6.00 mm) is used for the button tie.  I used a Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Shaded Dusk that I had on hand.  This scarf used 1 skein.  
The pictures attached show the infinity scarf doubled and tied with the button tie. I really love the idea of including the button tie to keep the infinity scarf in doubled up.
I added a pretty little flower button I had in my inventory.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Swirly Skirt

This was a test pattern I finished in mid-July.  The pattern has gone live and so I am sharing this project now.  I believe there is currently a sale on the pattern, but I am not sure if it will still be on when this is posted.

I made my skirt with a 24” waist. I did four total repeats of the pattern to make a flirty, mini skirt that rides low on the hips of my model here. I used a ww yarn I had in stock. I used just over 5 ounces of the yarn, which was approximately 272 yards.  This was quickly whipped up with a K (6.5 mm) hook.