Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby blanket

While not great pictures (just quickly snapped with my cell), I am in a hurry to get this one out in the mail for the new baby and so, this is what you get for now.  Hopefully the new parents will send me a shot of the new baby in her blanket.  This is different than my usual "go to" baby blanket that you can see throughout this blog and on my Ravelry page.  I decided to go with a sport weight baby yarn to make a thinner blanket.  With a baby born in July, I am not sure they will have the need for my normal blanket just now.  

This is a pattern from Caron and is called their One Skein Baby Blanket.  It was quick and easy to work up and the body of the work reminds me a lot of the "go to" blanket I do.  I think if I make this one again, and I might because it does not use a lot of yarn so I have plenty left over, that I will do a different edging.  I found some great edgings recently and I am interested in trying some out soon.  

This particular yarn is from Bernat and I loved the colors together on the skein, but I had trouble finding a design where the colors looked okay together.  This was the second blanket design I tried and even as I worked the entire thing, I was not sure I liked it.  The brown colors almost reminded me of smudges- as if I had been playing in newsprint before handling the yarn.  All worked up, I like it again, but I cannot tell you how many times this one almost got ripped out, too.  

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