Friday, July 31, 2015

Reflective hat

I made a simple hdc hat from the reflective yarn (Red Heart Reflective in Neon Yellow.)  I figured this would be great for my son when he's out at night.  I used a J (6.0 mm hook) and started with a magic ring, 12 hdc and increased by row until 72 hdc.  I made the hat 8" from the crown.  The last row had every fourth stitch hdc together.

In the pictures-  The first is taken inside during the day with no other outside (lamps, etc.) lighting.  The second picture was taken with the flash.  The third picture was taken at night while the work was still in progress with only the camera flash and no other outside lighting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Test Pattern- Children's Skull Hexagon Hoodie

This is another test pattern I created.  Here is a link to the designer's currently available patterns.

This pattern called for as few as two yarns or as many as desired.  I made this in a child's 7/8 for my niece, Esme.  She doesn't know it yet, but I guess she does now.  :)

This pattern calls for an I hook (5.5 mm).  The pattern calls for at least two skeins of ww yarn of at least 364 yards each.  I ended up using yarns I had left over since I used 4 different skeins.

At the time of the picture, I had not yet added buttons.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Test Blanket

I tested this blanket for a pattern writer at the beginning of July.  The pattern goes live in August and as soon as it does, I will link it here.  My picture seems a little wonky and I need to block the blanket still, but I really liked this pattern.  Click here to see the designer's currently available patterns.

There were a total of three designs with either two or three colors that could be used to make the blanket.  I made the third of the three designs.  This blanket ended up being more lapghan or baby blanket size.  It used a J hook (6.0 mm).  I used a two yarns.  For color A- I used approximately 562 yards or 11.23 oz of ww yarn.  For color B- I used approximately 735 yards or 14.7 oz of ww yarn.

The blanket is made up of squares, though they appear more diamond like in my picture.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Aliens Have Taken Over!

I finished this awesome alien scarf.  When I first saw this pattern on the designer's Ravelry page, I was super excited to try this take on the skull patterns I already love.  I happened to have some I Love This Yarn Sport Weight Neon Green in stock, so I switch from the pattern's hook to a G hook (4.0 mm) and started crocheting away.  My earlier post from today shows the first row of aliens.

It's a quick, fun pattern and I highly recommend it!

Aliens have arrived! WIP

Sneak peek at my current Work In Progress (WIP).  I'm using I Love This Yarn Sport Weight Neons in Green Neon and a G (4.0 mm) hook.  Free pattern from Ravelry.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Eventually Granny Square Blanket

I found this blanket pattern on Ravelry and loved it.  I'm not crazy about the color placement I picked, but I do like the colors together.  I definitely would be open to making another of these blankets and so watch the blog as you may soon spot another one.

There are four colors in all (buff, aran, a dark brown, and a wine color.)  I used worsted weight yarn I had leftover in my bin.  I'm trying to use up more of the yarn I have on hand, but am always open to color suggestions.

I should have blocked the blanket better before posting the picture, but I was just dang excited to show it.

If you're looking for a pattern for a blanket, definitely check out this designer (link above).  She does amazing work with granny squares.  I was never much of a granny square fan, but I love most of her designs and I love the way she has them joined as you go.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

skull cowl

I have been working on various projects lately, but few have made their way here to the blog.  I have not been great about updating any of my blogs lately.

One item I finished yesterday was this little skull cowl.  What's a cowl, you may ask?  This page has a great explanation and pictures of what a cowl, infinity scarf, and mobius shawl look like and what the difference between each term is.  I found the cowl information especially interesting.

This cowl was inspired by several of the skull items found on Ravelry, but is my own take on these patterns.  That means I cannot give you a link to the pattern currently.  That said, if anyone is ever interested in a pattern, I should be able to put something together for you.

On to the cowl:

This particular pattern was made with a soft, ww yarn in a cream color and a size D crochet hook.  The cowl is approximately 12" long, making it perfect for bunching up around the neck.