Monday, July 14, 2014

Barefoot Sandals

I have been seeing barefoot sandals all over the web.  For those that are not aware, these "sandals" are soleless so you will not have to worry about getting sand in your shoes, but still have a way to dress up your barefeet.  These seem to be especially popular for brides and bridal parties, though I am sure there are other reasons one might use them.  Pool party, maybe?  Personally, I love some of the beaded ones you can get.  Check out this link to some of the barefoot sandals available on Etsy.

I had some spare ribbon from another project I was working on and so I thought I'd try putting together some quick barefoot sandals.  I think they turned out cute for the two minutes or so it took for me to put them together.  Do not worry, I will not be modeling them here for you, but if you look at the picture (and use the link above for reference) I think you can figure out how they would look worn.

Now I just need to go to a beach!

Looking at this picture, I guess I can use them as a bookmark if a beach trip does not materialize!

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