Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pillow case tank/dress

I have been seeing quite a few of recycled pillow case tanks/dresses online and I wanted to give a version a try.  The pictures that I did take weren't very good.  I need to stop using my cell camera for these.  

Like the tote bag post, I found these pillow cases at a local thrift shop for a quarter.  I brought them home and washed and dried them before doing anything else.  At the closed end, I cut two-one inch or so strips that would eventually become my straps.  

I set those aside for later.  I folded the case lengthwise in half and cut a reverse "J" shape through all layers for the armholes.  

I folded all sides of the armhole over twice, pinned and ironed then sewed into place.

I then folded both the front and back inside about two inches to allow for the strap, ironed then sewed.

Setting aside the main piece, I sewed the first strips cut into one long strip.  I folded it in half, right sides together, and sewed the entire strip into one long tube.  

The worst part of the entire top is turning that long tube right side out.  I then sewed the ends down so they wouldn't unravel and fed it through the top then back of the top.  Once fitted, I tied the strap into a bow over one arm.  I have thought of several different ways I'd like to try this top and some various ways to wear it.  If I try more of these styles, I'll be sure to post them here.

Pillow Case Recycle- Tote Bag

There are many different patterns online for using a pillow case to make into a reusable tote.  The pictures aren't great, but here's a behind the scenes look at how I created this one.  

I found a standard pillow case at the thrift store for a quarter a piece.  I brought them home and washed and ironed them.  I then cut off the finished (opened end) right at the stitching.  

I sewed up the open end, leaving a small opening for turning.  

Once turned, I whip-stitched the opening closed and that end because the inside of the bag by pulling the two sides apart and folding the seam I just made into the center of the other side.  I need to take more pictures of this next time so it is more clear.  

The fabric is now a bit smaller than half the size of the original pillow case.  I turned the bag back inside out and sewed a small section of each inside "corner".

When turned back right-side out, it makes a nice corner to the bag, though the below picture is too blurry to probably see what I mean.  

The part I cut off at the beginning was cut into two equal pieces and sewed into the middle of the bag, one on each side.  Total time, aside from washing and drying was less than 15 minutes, including the ironing of the pieces as I worked it up.  

I thought this bag would be a perfect beach tote!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gamer Jacket

Pattern from Ravelry.  Made for James as part of his Halloween costume.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Kitty

Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

$2 breast cancer awareness pin.  Includes shipping via regular mail in US.  A portion of the proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity.

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