Wednesday, July 15, 2015

skull cowl

I have been working on various projects lately, but few have made their way here to the blog.  I have not been great about updating any of my blogs lately.

One item I finished yesterday was this little skull cowl.  What's a cowl, you may ask?  This page has a great explanation and pictures of what a cowl, infinity scarf, and mobius shawl look like and what the difference between each term is.  I found the cowl information especially interesting.

This cowl was inspired by several of the skull items found on Ravelry, but is my own take on these patterns.  That means I cannot give you a link to the pattern currently.  That said, if anyone is ever interested in a pattern, I should be able to put something together for you.

On to the cowl:

This particular pattern was made with a soft, ww yarn in a cream color and a size D crochet hook.  The cowl is approximately 12" long, making it perfect for bunching up around the neck.  

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