Monday, March 23, 2015


So I've been crocheting a lot.  Nothing I'm especially proud of, but I'm showing them off anyway.

Here is a skirt that I was testing the pattern out for someone.  I haven't lined it yet, but I actually think I am going to redo it first.  I think there was some user error on this one- totally my fault.  I also did not add the ribbon that would go through the openings at the top, but plan to at some point.  

I was attempting a corset.  There are a lot of addons to this pattern that I did not yet do, but should, because it really gives this corset some Oompf.  I bought the pattern from Ravelry, and with the right yarn and extras, it really is nice.  This was a test version for me.

From another ravelry pattern, this is the skull and heart circle jacket.

You may remember this next item.  It's been since Fall 2013 since I had made any of these, so I gave it another attempt.  

This convertible cowl pattern is free online here.  There are tons of ways you can style it.  I should have taken the picture in better lighting, but you still get the basic idea.

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