Sunday, May 18, 2014

Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants

Terra Cotta diffuser pendants.   These could be worn as jewelry,  but these were designed to be used as air fresheners in a car or small room.


  1. Did you make those? If so, are you selling them? (:
    I use an old piece of a broken pot to diffuse oil in our bedroom when the kids have respiratory issues. A pendant would be way prettier. (:

    1. I did make these as prototypes and I am so glad you commented. This is actually one of three varieties I made. I used two different clays to make the three (the third is a combination of the two types.) If I sent you a sample of the three versions, would you give me your opinion on how each works compared to the clay pot you currently use? The shapes and patterns were just rough samples, but I wanted to decide on the type of clay to use before I officially try to sell any of these.

      I plan to try all three versions myself and also made one for my sister and mom so they could give me feedback, too.

    2. Sure! I'd love to test them out. (:
      (short answer because dinner. mmmmm. food.)


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